How To Get People To Spend More Money At Your Event

Although people go to events with the intention of having fun, many are also wary of spending too much money at these events. For you as the event organizer, this can be problematic since it means you won't make as much money as you could. However, there are certain ways that you can get the cautious event attendees to spend just a little bit more money when they are at your event.

Use the Allure of a Premium Experience

Many people who attend an event want to get the best experience possible. Therefore, aside from your standard offering, you should also have a separate offering that will give a limited few an experience that is above and beyond what they'd have gotten from the regular experience.

Many event organizers already use this method; this is why planes have first class seats or why there are VIP sections and special seats at some events.

Sell Merchandise

When event-goers have had a great experience, they'll want to remember it for a long time to come. Therefore, they'll take plenty of photos and videos among other things. However, they're also likely to buy a lot of merchandise to serve as souvenirs.

Pick merchandise that will be appropriate for the kind of event you're holding e.g. branded t-shirts and mugs for corporate events or bracelets for charity events.

Use the Allure of Convenience

One of the biggest issues event-goers have is a lack of convenience. Whether it's having to walk long distances to get something to eat or drink or having to use toilet facilities that aren't in the best possible state. You'd be surprised how much people will be willing to pay not to have to put up with certain inconveniences.

Therefore, by having things such as drinks and food stands within easy reach of event goers, you could get them to spend a lot more money.

Rent an ATM

Most event goers will only have a limited amount of cash available on hand. This might be for security reasons e.g. in a crowded concert or simply because they didn't have enough time to pass by the bank before getting to the event. Unless they can use alternate payment options, this can limit their spending significantly.

An ATM rental service like Maritech ATM Solutions can, however, take care of all this and ensure anyone who needs some cash on short notice can get it as soon as possible.