Tired Of Non-Serious Car Buyers Wasting Time At Your Dealership? Offer These Online Options To Attract Real Buyers

Are you tired of people coming in to your car dealership to test drive cars, to find out that they can't get approved or they don't know what they can really afford? If so, there are some things you can do to prevent people from doing this, and to attract serious buyers to your car lot.

People may find the car they want online, or when they drive by, and this takes them to your website. Once they get to your site, offer the following options to weed out the non-serious buyers, and to get them in your door.

Loan Qualification Tool

If your potential customers can get pre-qualified through different lenders on your website when they are looking at cars, it's going to encourage them to come in and finalize the loan paperwork so they can drive away with the car that they want.

Get a loan qualification tool put on the site, and the tool will pull their credit report, look at their income and determine if they can get approved. This saves time when they come into the dealership, and it allows them to see how much they can afford.

Down Payment and Monthly Payment Calculator

Have a tool that shows what the monthly payment on the vehicle would be, after they select the amount they are going to put down. This allows them to see what they have to put down to keep the car payment at the amount they can afford each month, and to see if they can realistically put enough money down to make the car affordable for their budget.

Online Pre-Qualification Discount

Offer some type of discount for those that get pre-qualified and are approved to buy the vehicle that they want before they come into the dealership. This incentive could include a set discount off the price of the car, or a detailing or oil change package after the purchase is complete. This is another enticing way to get people to buy cars off your lot. There is a software program you can purchase or have installed professionally for this.

If people who aren't qualified or don't know what they can afford waste a lot of time while they are at your dealership, and you feel your salesman can be more productive doing other things, offer these different tools online to prevent people who can't afford the cars from wasting everyone's time. This makes your staffs time more efficient and useful, and it will help you sell more cars. Contact a business, such as NCC Direct, Inc., for more information.