Preemptive Strike: Ways To Use A Cash Advance Before You Even Need It

Typically people ask for cash advances when they are getting behind and need a little extra help. Though it is a good idea to get help when you need it, it is an even better idea to get ahead of things when possible. Cash advances are a tool that can be used in order to get ahead in paying for things. Here are some reasons that you can get cash advances before your situation necessitates, and ways to use them while you are still on top of your monthly expenditures.

Stocking the pantry

If you just moved into a new place, you may need to start stocking up your pantry and your counters. If you have not moved, but don't have as much money as you like to shop this sales cycle, you may also wish to start a stockpile. If you have already paid your bills for the month, consider taking out a cash advance in order to catch goods and stockpile. The sooner you stock up items to eat in your home, the less you have to eat out, or purchase items when they are off their sales cycle. A stockpile of food and dry goods will save you more money in the long run.

Get a month early on rent

If you tend to get behind on necessary bills or don't have a lot of money left over at the end of the month, consider taking out a cash advance to get a month ahead on rent. Always being a month ahead on rent can save you a lot of time combing over your finances and save your family a lot of stress on figuring out how to pay each month.  

Taking out a paycheck advance and paying your next month's rent early will provide you with extra time to save up money for future bills. Since many cash advances can be paid in installments, you have the opportunity to squirrel away money for future bills and still apply to paying back the loan.

Starting a retirement fund

The best time to start a retirement fund is as soon as possible. If you need a lump sum to deposit into a new Roth IRA account, consider a cash advance. The sooner you place money into the Roth IRA the bigger and better your returns will be. If you begin IRA contributions in your early 20s, you are likely to develop more money in your IRA than those who contribute more, but begin contributions at a later age. A cash advance from a company like Cash Depot Inc. can help you to jumpstart your future and offer a return on investment that is much more than the interest on the loan.